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    Outdoor furniture industry big reshuffle coming.

    Release date:2017-09-25
    The Ministry of environmental protection recently informed, to upgrade emissions standards of the enterprise, shall be closed before the end of September this year. Safety Supervision Administration of the State Council also announced that 7-10 months to carry out inspections of safety in production, China's 34 provinces and autonomous regions of the sanitary ware factory will be "checked", no one spared!

    At this time, the Ministry of environmental protection administration of work safety management work started again strike violently zero tolerance, insiders said the 2017 year the price factor more than the skyrocketing prices of raw materials and prices surge, there are currently more than a dozen factors, furniture and upstream suppliers were shut down for rectification!

    Some experts said the second half of this year will be the furniture industry reshuffle the most brutal year, wood, sponge, or shower room, with the decoration of the bathroom cabinet, toilet and bathroom hardware is more than a continuous round of price hikes, but money does not necessarily buy goods!

    1, the furniture industry's most terrible, the most thorough new round of inspection came!

    Another storm will sweep through the furniture industry! Including outdoor furniture! You must be careful, careful, and careful in these 4 months...... The State Administration of work safety announced 7-10 months to carry out safety inspections, China all 34 provinces and autonomous regions of the furniture factory, spraying Factory, ceramics factory, shower room, bathroom cabinet factory factory, bathroom hardware factory will "check", no one can escape!

    The personage inside course of study regrets: "environmental protection storm not extinguished", "safety supervision storm" again, this round of inspections, to force the industry reshuffle. It seems that after the environmental protection, production safety has not done in place of the enterprise, really die!

    Saws: 7-10 months to carry out centralized inspection of safety in production, since July self-examination, since August, centralized remediation. The day before, the State Council issued the "administration of work safety committee of the State Council notice on carrying out" national safety inspections, announced on July -10 months of the enterprises to carry out inspections for up to 4 months.

    This inspection will severely punish illegal acts according to law; thorough management of a number of major accidents; close the ban a number of illegal and does not meet the conditions for safe production of enterprises, combined with a number of serious dishonesty corporate punishment;

    Accountability covers a number of units and individuals whose responsibilities are not fulfilled and measures are ineffective; strict implementation of the safety precautions and measures, and resolutely curb heavy accidents.

    Safety inspection can not be ignored, the existing problems of enterprises, please quickly self-examination, according to the Shenzhen Safety Committee bulletin, the following six cases are easier to ignore the factory link, there have been a number of enterprises unfortunate move. There are similar problems of enterprises, and quickly self-examination bar!

    1, storage of dangerous chemicals are not stored in special warehouses;

    2. No emergency plans for production safety accidents and transit warehouses for hazardous chemicals have been formulated;

    3, the accident prevention and control system of safety production accidents has not been established;

    4 、 special equipment has not been inspected regularly;

    5. Failing to organize workers to carry out occupational health examination in accordance with the law;

    6, violation of the provisions of the occupational disease prevention and control case.